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Vaping is one of the latest trends among youths and the young at heart. It is fast, replacing cigarettes and weed smoking. A while ago, cigarette smoking was the most traditional way of relieving stress or fight nausea (among other reasons for smoking). Sadly there are quite a number of terminal health problems associated with smoking, so alternative methods of getting the exhilaration that smoking provided minus the health problems were sought after.

One of such method was through the use of vaping devices that reduce the risk that attends smoking. With smoking, carcinogenic elements are burnt and inhaled directly into the lungs. Over time effects of smoking cigarettes adds up and causes serious life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

With vaping, users burn a flavored juice that is relatively safer to inhale. Vaping devices began to spring up in the market. The early models like JUUL were able to build designs for smokers who were trying to quit smoking and wanted to use vaping as a proxy. JUUL devices were made with liquids with an amount of nicotine similar to what could be found in cigarettes. For a deeper dive, check out our blog on the differences between Puff Bar vs JUUL Pod.

With time certain vaping related illnesses began to occur, and the vaping industry took a hit. Until Puff Bars emerged on the scene, the Puff Bars are currently a healthier and more trendy way to vape.

Puff Bars take different forms, but this article will be taking a look at two main types: Puff Bar and the Puff Bar Plus. Read on to learn more about these new introductions to the vaping scene.

What is a Puff Bar Disposable

Puff Bars are designed for one-time use, and so they are not subject to federal regulation flavored e-cigarettes. The Puff Bar has a streamlined design that is about 3.7" high and 0.2" wide with straight edges. Although it looks like a vape pen, it has no visible mouthpiece or any part of the device that sticks out.

With the Puff Bar, the major components of the device are encased in plastic material with two escape holes on one end of the vape from which users inhale. A small arrow directs users to the business end of the vape. There is no pod; neither is there a charging pot. It is a disposable vape that is increasingly popular because of its relatively cheap costs and the fact that it is pre-filled and pre-charged. All a user needs is to acquire it and use it. Its portable size makes it even more attractive.

Puff Bar users have at least 24 flavors to pick from. Each 1.3mL Puff Bars use nicotine salts with a nicotine strength that can be as high as 5%. Nicotine salts refer to a formula that allows for high levels of nicotine and very efficient nicotine delivery that does not cause much irritation. With each Puff Bar, users can get a minimum of 200 puffs(at least a pack of 20 cigarettes). Puff Bars are essentially a cheaper, cooler, more convenient, and "tastier" alternative to smoking cigarettes. They are made from medical-grade cotton that is soaked with a liquid mixture of salt nicotine and amazing flavor. The device heats the liquid to produce vapor which user's vape. Given its slim, sleeky design, the Puff Bar can also be a great addition to your style.

What Flavors Do Puff Bars Come In

One of the main selling points of the Puff Bar is the variety of flavors it offers, given that most vapers only use flavored vape pens. Since the Puff Bar comes in two nicotine strengths, there are two different flavor profiles. Here are some flavors that you can get in a Puff Bar:

Flavor Profiles – 20mg:

  • Lush Ice – this is a combination of freshly sliced candied watermelons and some refreshing menthol.
  • Blue Razz- As the name suggests, this flavor is a burst of blue raspberries that excite the taste buds of vapers
  • Cool Mint – This flavor blends of chilled fresh mint with a cooling aftertaste.
  • Watermelon – This is a cross of summertime watermelons with nicotine salts.

Flavor Profiles – 50mg:

  • Lush Ice – A combination of freshly sliced candied watermelons with some refreshing menthol.
  • Strawberry – A sweeter flavor with a tasty aroma - summertime strawberries.
  • Blue Razz- This is the same as with the 20% profile.
  • OMG – This is a popular blend of Orange, Mango, Guava that leaves a great aftertaste.
  • Cool Mint – This is the same fresh mint flavor leaving a cooling aftertaste in your throat.
  • Pineapple Lemon – Derived from a blend of tropical pineapple with lemon.
  • Peach Ice – This flavor is reminiscent of sweet Georgia peaches.
  • Grape – A blend of sweet table grapes produce this flavor.
  • Tobacco – Cured Kentucky tobacco distilled into a smooth and delightful vape liquid.
  • Sour Apple – This flavor is the vape liquid equivalent of green Granny Smith apples.
  • Cucumber – Blended from the essence of cucumbers
  • Cafe Latte – Enjoy a blend of robust espresso melded with steamed milk to create a smooth and rich taste. Similar to a cup of coffee.
  • Lychee Ice – The Lychee Ice flavor comes from Asiatic Lychee fruits and some menthol.
  • Clear – This is a flavorless blast of icy air vapor with lots of menthols.
  • Pomegranate – As the name suggests, pomegranate is the essence of this flavor
  • Watermelon – This is the same as the 20% flavor profile.
  • Pink Lemonade – This is a blend of lemons and sugar to get a tasty lemonade flavor
  • Peach – Reminiscent flavor of Georgia peaches mixed with nicotine salts.
  • Banana Ice – With this flavor, users get the sweetness and smoothness of the blend of banana and some menthol.
  • Menthol – As the name suggests, this flavor offers a wintry smooth cooling effect that is as delightful as it is refreshing.

As you can see, Puff Bars have so many flavors and varieties to choose from. Just think of your favorite flavor, and you’ll find it with this popular brand.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of A Puff Bar

Pros of Puff Bar Disposable

Some of the pros of having a Puff Bar are:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is affordable.
  • There a wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Users can easily enjoy at least 200 puffs per disposable.
  • Users do not need prior e-smoking experience
  • It's Nic E-liquid concentration. It is quite high.

Cons of Puff Bar Disposable Devices

Some of the cons of having a Puff Bar are:

  • Puff Bars do not release the most vapor.
  • The battery life is decent, but it can be improved.
  • Some flavors are not easily available.

Obviously, there are more pros than cons to having a Puff Bar.

What is a Puff Bar PLUS Disposable?

If you love the Puff Bar vape, then you will absolutely enjoy the Puff Bar Plus, which is an improvement on the Puff Bar. With the Puff Bar Plus, users get a vape that is basically an AIO vapor system with a longer-lasting battery (550mAh), a draw-activated firing mechanism, a salt-based Niceliquid and up to 50mg of nicotine.

Like the Puff Bar, the Puff Bar Plus is disposable, portable, lightweight, and maintenance-free. Unlike its predecessor, the Puff Bar Plus has a bore for a mouthpiece. It is also compact but is bigger than the Puff Bar as it can hold up to 3.2mL of vaping liquid. It comes in a variety of flavors. One of the best things about the Puff Bar Plus is that users can get at least 800 puffs (the equivalent of at least two packs of cigarettes). In essence, the Puff Bar Plus offers a long-lasting vaping experience that you can enjoy while you are on the move. You don't need to bother about refills and whatnot since it comes pre-filled and pre-charged (just like the Puff Bar).

What Flavors Do You Get With The Puff Bar Plus?

  • Mixed Berries: As the name suggests, this flavor is a sweet and refreshing blend of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries?
  • Watermelon: Vaping this flavor is as close as eating some watermelon
  • Peach Ice: This flavor is a blend of some peach and menthol
  • Lychee Ice: Menthol blended with lychee.
  • Mint: Perfect for those who like a cool, icy mint flavor.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: As the name suggests, this flavor is a blend of strawberry and watermelon.
  • Guava Ice: Blend guava with an arctic blast to get this unique flavor.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having A Puff Bar Plus?

Users can assess the following benefits when they use a Puff Bar Plus pod stick.

  • It is easy to use(it is much easier than smoking)
  • It is affordable.
  • There a wide variety of rich flavors to choose from.
  • Users get at least 800 puffs per vape pen.
  • There is no need for experience with vapes
  • It has a high concentration of nicotine in its e-liquid.
  • It is portable and convenient.

Cons of Puff Bar Plus

Here are the cons that users are more likely to experience with using a Puff Bar Plus

  • If used consistently with little to no breaks, the device could overheat.
  • Limited flavor options compared to Puff Bar.
  • Slightly loose draw

There are more pros than cons associated with the Puff Bar Plus.

The Difference Between Puff Bar Plus and Puff Bar(Head-to-Head)

Puff Bar PlusPuff Bar
Nicotine50mg (5%)20mg (2%) / 50mg (5%)

The head to head comparison of both pod sticks shows that the Puff Bar Plus has better feature than its predecessor. The Puff Bar Plus offers more hits, more liquid, and longer battery life in the same compact size. It is one of the longest-lasting, best tasting disposable vape pens in the industry.

Nicotine levels in Puff Bar vs. Puff Bar Plus

Both versions of the Puff Bar contain nicotine, which is known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm. The nicotine strength in both vape pens can get up to 5%. The idea behind using such high nicotine strength is to be able to make the most of the high resistance coils. There is low nicotine strength for the Puff Bar version. Vapers who find the 5% a bit too stiff for them can opt for the 2% nicotine strength option of the Puff Bar pod stick. Unfortunately, there are no lower nicotine levels for the Puff Bar Plus. Currently, the standard is 5% nicotine strength.

Regardless of the Puff Bar type, even the smallest amount of nicotine can be addictive. Given that the Puff Bar is a minimum of two packs of cigarettes and the Puff Bar Plus is easily twice that, vapers will be vaping significant amounts of nicotine. Smokers who are making the switch to vaping will find these nicotine strengths a viable option.

How Do They Compare To Cigarettes?

Vaping is generally considered by health practitioners to be a healthier way to enjoy the "benefits" of smoking. Puff Bars and Puff Bar Plus are both vaping devices that can be considered to be less harmful when compared to cigarettes. In addition, they do not contain tobacco or other harmful material. Instead, they are filled with combustible flavored liquids which gives a tastier and more satisfying vaping experience. Users of Puff Bars (all types) will not harm themselves as much as smoking would. Neither will they put others at risk on account of second smoke. As a matter of fact, some experts believe that using puff bars (the original and the plus versions) is a great way to quit smoking without going cold turkey. For more on vaping effects compared to smoking, check out this article: 10 Pros and Cons of Vaping

Are Both Types of Puff Bars Bad For The Environment?

Both types of vape pens are disposable and can be termed as harmful to the environments since they are potential biohazards. However, this impact varies from the environmental waste caused by cigarette butts. Sadly, there are little or no directions as to how to dispose of these vape pens after use.

Takeaway - Puff Bar vs Puff Bar Plus

The Puff Bar and The Puff Bar Plus are great disposable vapes to have. While the Plus version promises a better vaping experience, there will still be some vapers who prefer the original version. It is simply a matter of preference when it comes to choosing between these two vapes. Regardless of choice, one this is certain. Disposable vapes are very convenient because of their size and ease of use. Not to mention, the Puff Bar has gained its popularity and proven itself to be the go-to vape device for most.