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Cookies Mylar Bags 1 Gram with window Smell Proof Resealable Cookies Bags

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Cookies Mylar Bags 1 Gram Smell Proof with window Resealable Cookies Bags

  • Food-Grade Material: Clean and safe to use. Keep your goodies fresh in this bag. 
  • Ziplock Mylar Bags:The self-sealing pouches are perfect for packing and storing goods, like bakery, nut-fruits, candies, cookies, chocolates, tea leaf, seasonings, snacks, coffee beans, herbs, tobacco, grain, jerky. It is ideal for kitchen storage accessories.
  • Premium resealable ziplock keeps all water and moisture out and any odors in when sealed
    • Durable Material with High Definition Design
  • Design: Cookies Mylar Bag
  • Smell Proof Food Storage Packaging Bag
  • All Cookies Brand Mylar Bags come with Holographic Authenticity Stickers and Label
  • Free Shipping On All Mylar Bags
  • Fast US Shipping

Mylar bags are designed to create a solid barrier between your food or goodies inside the bag and the environment outside. Commonly, these specific bags are used for long-term storage of dried and dehydrated foods.  Due to their material, the long-term effects of heat, light, moisture, and oxygen are eliminated. Mylar bags assists in removal of residual oxygen, making it the ideal bag to keep your long term food preserves freshly stored.  

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