Quartz Thermal banger 14mm Male Blue Thermochromic 90 Degree

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Quartz thermal banger 14mm Male | Blue| Thermochomic


Always Dab at the right temperature with this color changing and heat reacting Thermochromic Banger. The banger changes colors as you heat it up, letting you know when is the right time to dab. Torch up your banger at the bottom and watch it turn to a reddish orange letting you know the right time to dab.


The banger can be used on a bong, bubbler, rig or water pipe with a 14mm female connection (SG).

Due to the 90 degree angle, we recommend using it only on a water pipe with a connection straight up.


For a banger to connect to a normal water pipe, it is best to use the quartz models. These quartz models can also be found in our oil bongs category.


  • Colored glass will turn bright red when heated to the right dabbing temperature.

  • High-quality pure quartz material


PAY ATTENTION! Make sure you only heat the bottom, otherwise the banger can break through the heat!



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